Adoption: A Loving Choice

My Personal Journey

A major part of my work at Tauber Law Offices deals with finding good parents for children in need.  Adding adoption to my practice was a given, from the moment my husband and I experienced the thrill of adopting our own daughter.  Today I am forever grateful to be able to be a key part of creating this special kind of joy for others.

There are millions of children who don’t have a mother or father to love them.  Imagine, growing up in such loneliness. You can help.

I handle private adoptions, step-parent adoptions and adoptions from the Department of Child Services. I can easily relate to the needs of adoptive parents, and they appreciate the counsel of one who has gone through the process. I am a strong advocate for adoptive families and, at the same time, I have the utmost respect for birth mothers.

The Foster Care Option

While you might want to consider adopting an infant, please also realize that there are older children who also are looking for loving parents.  Many of them have been in foster care for many years.

If you’re not ready to adopt, you might consider foster care.  The children available range from infants to young adults.   While statistics vary greatly, most agree that over 100,000 are already available for adoption.   Over a third of them will wait over 3 years in foster care before being matched with adoptive parents.  Children and youth enter foster care because they have been abused, neglected, or abandoned by their parents or guardians. Most of these children have experienced loss and some form of trauma.

By the way, if you know someone who is pregnant and considering placing her child for adoption, please get in touch with me. I can get her the help she needs to make an informed decision that is best for her and her unborn child.

November is National Adoption Month

It’s never too early to plan to be a part of this historic month along with National Adoption Day.

Each year, the goal of this month and day is to raise awareness of the children in U.S. foster care waiting to be adopted, and to finalize adoptions across the country. This effort has made the dreams of thousands of children come true by working with U.S. policymakers, practitioners and advocates to finalize adoptions and create and celebrate adoptive families.

In total, National Adoption Day has helped nearly 70,000 children in the United States move from foster care to a forever family.  In 2017, nearly 5,000 children were adopted by their forever families during the National Adoption Day celebrations in 410 cities across the United States.

This year National Adoption Day is Saturday, November 17, 2018.  For more information on how you can help, visit

I also invite you to contact me at any time to discuss more about the many aspects of adoption available today.   I look forward to guiding you on your journey.