Tougher Penalties Ahead for Drivers Who Pass School Buses

There have been far too many tragedies involving innocent children getting on and off school buses. Sadly, many of these incidents are caused by drivers who ignore the stop arms on the buses and ultimately seriously injure or even kill a child.

Indiana drivers now could face tougher penalties for passing stopped school buses under a bill advancing in the Legislature.

In late February, state senators voted 49-0 in favor of the bill that would suspend the driver’s license for 90 days the first time someone was convicted of recklessly passing a stopped bus. Other provisions would create felony offenses when a driver recklessly passes a bus and the result is injury or death.

The bill is now under consideration by the Indiana House.  It is expected to pass.

Many of you, like our family of lawyers at Tauber Law, have youngsters of school age.  In this changing world, there are far too many new dangers in and around our schools.   The last thing we need is for careless drivers to ignore the law and make going to school even more difficult. ‘

Of course, nothing will replace a child.  The best idea is to seriously review your driving habits and make changes now.  At the same time, review safe-driving with any younger or teen-age drivers in your family.  It just might be the best decision of your life

Tauber Law Offices has a strong commitment to families whose children have been impaired for life, or even killed, because of a driver who is simply in a hurry.  Or perhaps they are texting and driving and not paying attention.  In either case, we will fight for these children and their families in a court of law.  If you have a case, contact us immediately through our web site at or call us at (219) 247-6790. Tauber Law will stand by you and work aggressively to achieve the justice you deserve.