Spring Means Extra Caution as Kids Play Outside

It is one of the most unimaginable tragedies for any parent.  In late February, a two-year-old Greenwood, Indiana, girl died after her mother accidently backed over her in the family driveway.  The child was playing in the front yard when she darted into the path of the car.

Normally, most injuries to kids occur during April, May, and September.  The mild winter that has brought unseasonably warm temperatures at times has resulted in more and more children outside at play, much earlier than normal.

We’re seeing more activity outside the house, in the yard, at playgrounds and on bicycles.  It is also a reminder to us at Tauber Law Offices that it’s a good idea for us grown-ups to be extra cautious.   As our innocent young children are active at play, they just don’t think of the risks that may lie ahead of them.

Of course, some accidents are bound to happen.  Let’s just hope that the worst injuries are those that result in the normal skinned knees, bumps and bruises.

We’re actually finding out now, however, that what appears to be a simple bump to the head could be something much worse.

A study published last summer in Pediatrics magazine reports the number of kids treated for traumatic brain injuries suffered at the playground has increased significantly.

One would think, given recent industry improvements to improve safety at the playground, that serious injuries would be on the decline.  The study finds the exact opposite.

According to the Pediatrics article, “the number of kids treated in ERs for traumatic brain injuries suffered while playing at playgrounds increased significantly between 2005 and 2013. Believe it or not, each year an average of 21,100 children under the age of 14 were treated for serious types of brain injuries after climbing, swinging, sliding, and seesawing. Meanwhile, a total of 214,883 annual playground injuries were noted. This is concerning news, especially because so many of us parents think the playground is a safe place for our kids to burn off energy and just be kids.”

“The bright spot is that most kids were treated and released,” the article goes on to say.

The main goal here is surely to avoid a tragedy like the one in Greenwood last month.

Our moms were serious when they kept preaching, “Look both ways before crossing the street.”  We should heed the same advice.  When driving your vehicle, be totally aware of what is around you and realize that children can be in one place and then in another in a matter of just a few seconds.

Mind speed limits, especially in school zones and in playground areas.

Young children should be supervised at all times.  It’s not only to help them avoid accidents, but more-so, and unfortunately these days, to guard against predators who can snatch a child away in an instant.

Work with your schools and neighborhood groups to ensure that playground equipment is safe and properly maintained.

When the kids start riding a bicycle, be sure they follow all safety rules of the road.  Many local police departments offer free bicycle safety courses.

Most importantly, just be aware.

As we get further into summer and the really warm weather, there are another set of safety rules for swimming – at the neighborhood pool or at the lake.  We’ll cover that in a later article.

Finally, there are some children who are injured or even killed through the negligence of others.  It might be an intoxicated driver, operating at higher speeds than posted, and more and more these days, texting and driving.

Sadly, we at Tauber Law Offices have dealt with those injured by senseless people in a truck or a car.   Or there might be liability at a pool or playground due to unsafe conditions or equipment.

If you are going through the trauma of any personal injury situation, please contact us immediately.  There is no charge for our consultation.  If we believe you have a case, our family of attorneys will stand by your side and fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve.