Indiana High on the List for Fatalities in Train Accidents | Tauber Law

By now you have heard the tragic story about four senior citizens who were killed when a freight train struck a bus as they were traveling to an early March casino outing in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Seven others were critically injured and 41 were taken to area hospitals.

While we don’t hear about train accidents too often, here in Indiana we have thousands of miles of train tracks across we like to call the Crossroads of America.  Of course, many of those tracks extend into Illinois and stretch from border to border in the United States and Canada.

The fact is, Indiana is the 5th deadliest state for accidents involving trains.  In 2014 (the last year that we could find complete statistics), 20 people in Indiana died in train crashes.  There have been more since then, especially in the areas of Michigan City and Gary.

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