A Wonderful Option QPR for Tauber 11-15-19

Adoption is a wonderful alternative to having children naturally or to supplement your present family. If adoption isn’t an option for you, please at least consider ways to help celebrate, advocate, and extend love and support to all who have been touched by adoption. There are many ways. Simply, acknowledge and thank those families who have chosen to adopt. Support the cause through donations in dozens of ways. Help by sponsoring a foster home, volunteer at an adoption agency or get involved in adoption programs at a Church.

Each year, the goal of this month and day is to raise awareness of the children in U.S. foster care waiting to be adopted across the country. This effort has made the dreams of thousands of children come true by working with U.S. policymakers, practitioners and advocates to finalize adoptions and create and celebrate adoptive families.

In total, National Adoption Day has helped nearly 80,000 children in the United States move from foster care to a forever family.

Earlier this month, 38 children were adopted locally as part of the Lake County Juvenile Court’s National Adoption Day Event.

If you are interested in exploring the world of adoption, please contact Attorney Tara Tauber. Tara and her husband have realized the joy of adopting their own child. Tara’s goal is to do everything she can to help you through the journey.

During this blessed holiday season, there is hardly anything that could bring you more joy and thankfulness.

Finally, if you know someone who is pregnant and considering placing her child for adoption, please contact Tara. She can provide the help the mother needs to make an informed decision that is best for both her and the child.