Drinking and Scootering

The Drunk Driving Issue

For years drunk driving has been a serious issue when it comes to motor vehicle accidents involving personal injury. We at Tauber Law Offices have decades of experiences dealing with these tragedies.

While alcohol related accidents are still way too common, there is some good news. According to a recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drunk driving deaths went down 13% in 2018 from 2017.

At the same time, we see a sharp rise in driving under the influence of marijuana and other drugs. The truth is, there are those that feel that driving after smoking marijuana is not dangerous. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Scooter Popularity

Now we discover startling news regarding the e-scooter craze. First, a Rutgers University study released in June found the number of nationwide injuries involving e-scooters climbed from 2,325 in 2008 to 6,957 in 2018. This is dramatic evidence of their increase in popularity.

Alcohol and Scooters

What’s more, a new study published in Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open reveals that alcohol has become a major factor in rising electric scooter-related injuries in cities across the country. Out of 103 patients treated at three trauma centers for e-scooter-related injuries, 79% were tested for alcohol and 48% of that group was found to have a blood-alcohol level of more than 0.08, which is the legal limit for drivers in most states.

It’s not just alcohol that has impaired scooter users and led to injuries. Sixty percent of the 103 patients in the study were also screened for drugs, and 52% of them tested positive.

Why You Should Wear a Helmet

Experts and doctors have also stressed the importance of wearing a helmet while on an e-scooter. The same study found that 98 percent of those injured were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

The increase in accidents has also prompted lawmakers to take a look at proper use of scooters. For example, New Jersey passed a bill earlier this year that regulates scooters like bicycles, requiring helmets to be used by anyone under 17.

We hope Indiana follows suit.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that in this new world there are continuing concerns about driving under the influence – whether it be while operating a truck, a passenger car, a boat and now an e-scooter.

The family of attorneys at Tauber Law Offices is here to serve you if you or a loved one has been the victim of an impaired driver. Contact us for a free consultation. We will listen to your situation and decide if you have a case. If so, we will always stand behind you as your representative in seeking justice.