Tara Tauber Appointed by Indiana Supreme Court

The Indiana Supreme Court issued an Order Establishing the Indiana Innovation Initiative on September 24, 2019. That Order created a process to analyze research on justice reform, assess the impact of reform efforts in other states, identify innovative strategies to manage different case types, and make recommendations to the Indiana Supreme Court for best practices surrounding Indiana’s justice system structures and procedures.

The family of Attorneys at Tauber Law Offices is proud to announce that firm partner Tara Tauber was one of only 14 people across the state of Indiana to be appointed to Family Law Task Force by the Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court.

This prestigious group — comprised of lawyers, judges and other professionals that deal with families and children — is charged with making recommendations for more efficient handling of family law matters in the state courts. In accepting this appointment, Tara commented:

“I am truly honored to be selected to help carry out this very important mission of family court reform, and it is my hope that my work on this taskforce will help foster some long-needed, positive changes to our family courts in Indiana for many years to come.”

Another subgroup – with a separate group of appointed legal professionals — will be part of a Technology Working Group to examine the and recommend how attorneys can fully take advantage of today’s newer technologies.

The groups will submit recommendations to the Indiana Supreme Court by the middle of 2021.

Congratulations again to Tara!