Indiana State Police Enforce “Move Over” Law

It’s been well over 20 years since Indiana enacted what is known as the Move Over law.

The law requires motorists to slow down and move over when an emergency vehicle, utility service vehicle, highway maintenance or tow truck is stopped on two or four-lane roadways with emergency lights flashing.

Today all 50 states have similar laws.

Violating the law can result in a fine, and an accident that damages emergency equipment, causes injury or death to an emergency worker will result in a driver’s license being suspended for up to two years.

This past spring, the Indiana State Police (ISP) used newer, laser-based technology in a special statewide patrol to enforce the law.

During the special patrol period from April 14 through April 20, ISP troopers issued more than 300 tickets and warnings.

As the summer months approach and road construction projects resume, the Move Over enforcement project was used by state police in several states to find serious violators of the law.  It also helped to educate the public on the importance of slowing down and moving over for emergency vehicles.

ISP Master Trooper Ron Huff said, “Our primary focus is to reduce fatalities and injury accidents by protecting first responders and highway workers and highway emergency workers.”

The number one cause of law enforcement deaths is from traffic incidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

From 2007 to 2016, there were 460 officers who were killed in the line of duty from a vehicle crash and 130 officers who died in the line of duty after being struck by a vehicle, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

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