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Now, a product designed to keep you safe in your car or truck, is proving to be potentially dangerous for millions.

If you haven’t heard this on the national and local news, read about it now.

This is all about the largest airbag recall in U.S. history; one that has already caused dozens of injuries and 13 deaths (including 10 in the United States).  Up to 80 million cars and trucks are in need of being recalled because their airbags could explode.

If you have an airbag in your car that could be deadly, you’d want to know about it. But according to an investigative report this month from WTHR in Indianapolis, millions of people now driving with a defective airbag won’t be warned about the problem for years.  This despite strict government recommendations to those consumers affected that they need to get their airbags replaced as soon as possible. Virtually every major automaker has models with these defective airbags.

WTHR investigative reporter Bob Segall noted in his story that he has a Toyota mini-van with a defective airbag.  He went to a government web site, put in his vehicle identification number and found out that his van is on the list. But here’s what’s really shocking. When he went to several dealerships, he was told by all of them that his vehicle was not on the list and not to worry.

As it turns out, many dealerships have not gotten accurate information from the manufacturer of the airbags, a Japanese company by the name of Takata.  Thus, the owners of scores of vehicles on the list of makes and models with faulty airbag have not received a recall notice.  This was the case for reporter Segall and a multitude of other consumers.

Unbelievably, it turns out Takata is rolling out recall notices over the next 3-4 years based on when car was built.  If you have an older car, and especially if you live in a very warm climate, you’ll get a recall notice sooner.  Newer cars might have to wait several years.  What is even more unbelievable is that new cars are still being sold every day that may have a faulty airbag.  Buyers won’t know for sure until they get a recall notice – maybe years later.  In the meantime, there is potential disaster looming for the owners of these cars.

What’s complicating the situation even more is that Takata is now suffering financially and is having a difficult time making enough of the new and supposedly safe airbags on a timely basis.

So far, dealers have replaced about 9 million airbags.  That means they have 70 million to go.

To find out if your vehicle is on the list, here is one source:


You’ll need your VIN number.

If your car or truck is listed, call your dealership and insist that they fix it. If they can get the part, that is.  Remember, too, your dealership may not yet be aware of it, as some models of some vehicles are not yet listed.  For sure, don’t wait for a recall notice.

We haven’t heard the last of this story.  Let’s hope that this situation can somehow be resolved soon, before more injuries or deaths occur.

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