A Multitude of Thanks | Tauber Law

TL thanksgiving 2016 blog

There really is a lot to be thankful for, even in this year of change and turmoil.   Rhett, Tara and Jared are most gracious to be working together as a family and for the gifts of our own children, relatives and friends, food and shelter.

We count you as one of those friends and we so appreciate you being there for us.  If we helped you through one of life’s challenges this past year, it is our hope that renewed peace and happiness will be yours during the holidays and for years to come. 

We thank you also for voting us the #1 law firm in Northwest Indiana for 2016.

The Tauber family hopes that you take some time to look around and show gratitude for even the most little things that we have been given to make our lives more precious.

We would be remiss if we didn’t thank the brave men and women serving in the armed forces around the world; many of which won’t be home for the holidays.   Also let’s give a special and heartfelt thank you for all of the people in law enforcement who also risk their lives to protect us night and day.

Finally, let’s remember those who are suffering, the hungry and the lonely – people across the country and around the world.

There is still no better way to say it than:  Peace on Earth.  Goodwill to All.