Killing Covid

The economy is slowly opening up and companies are getting back to business. Consumers are returning to a new normal and employees are returning to work.  Businesses are finding new ways to attract customers and employers are searching for ways to make the workplace a safer environment for their employees.  In most commercial and industrial settings, workers and visitors are working to socially distance but this can be difficult.

What would help to get consumers and employees confident about entering establishments? The knowledge that the space has a system in place to combat and neutralize Covid-19.  You probably didn’t know that this was possible. Global Plasma Solutions has found a way to destroy airborne and surface viruses, including Covid-19.  The patented technology of Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI), installed by Martin Mechanical Corporation can clean the air inside industrial, commercial and residential buildings. 

How It Works

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization uses an electric charge to create a plasma field filled with a high concentration of positive and negative ions that travel through the air attaching to particles, pathogens and gas molecules.  These ions take fine submicron particles and forming a mass that then become filterable. The life-sustaining hydrogen within the pathogens is stripped away.  Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are broken down into harmless compounds like oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. These ions work throughout the entire building, including hidden spaces, cleaning the air of harmful pathogens, including Covid-19.  GPS’ NPBI technology has been tested, proven, and certified by UL867 – the standard for electrostatic air cleaners, as well as UL2998 for not having ozone emissions.  NPBI was recently installed at the White House and Air Force One.

Tauber Law Offices is a COVID-free zone

At Tauber Law Offices, we take the safety of our clients, staff, and the public very seriously.  We are proud to announce that Tauber Law Offices is a Covid-free zone due to the installation of NPBI at our offices.