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Have you or a loved one been injured in a car crash in Northwest Indiana? Tauber Law Offices is a family owned and operated firm dedicated to helping injured clients in the Schererville area receive fair and just compensation following a serious accident. Our car accident attorneys will use their experience and skills to help you secure the compensation you need to pay off your medical treatment, repair or replace your vehicle, and make the best possible recovery.

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Indiana Car Crash Data

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the cost of medical care and lost work productivity associated with motor vehicle injuries over a one-year period in Indiana was $1.22 billion.

That same year, 2018, more than 830 people in Indiana were killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes. The vast majority of these deaths (74%) involved occupants of traditional motor vehicles like cars and vans. Motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicycle accident deaths combined made the remaining 26% of fatalities.

Common Car Accident Causes

Car accidents leading to injury and death are caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Driver impairment due to fatigue, alcohol, and/or drugs
  • Driver distraction, such as talking on a cell phone or texting while driving
  • Mechanical failures, such as brake trouble or tires blowing out
  • Road conditions, such as potholes and slippery pavement due to inclement weather
  • Speeding and other forms of reckless driving

What to Do After a Car Accident

Indiana is an at-fault state, which means that when a motorist experiences losses due to a car accident they did not cause, they can seek compensation from the liable driver’s insurance policy first. However, that same insurance company is out to protect their client, meaning they will start to build a case against you right away. This is done in the hopes that they can get away will offering you less compensation than you actually deserve in order to protect their bottom line.

To best protect yourself after a crash, remain on the scene of the accident long enough to take as many pictures of the crash scene as possible. Photography any property damage, injuries, tire skid marks, and anything else you think may be relevant. Also, collect the at fault driver’s insurance information, contact details, and license plate number.

Other important things to keep in mind after a crash include:

  • Get medical attention as soon as possible. Not only can this save your life (especially because car accident injuries often take a few hours or days to show themselves), but it can also bolster your claim.
  • DO NOT sign the first settlement offer you receive from the insurance company. They will almost definitely try to get you to accept a much lower amount than what you deserve—and once you sign something, you can’t file a claim for more compensation later, even if you need it.
  • Before talking to any insurance companies, talk to our lawyers. Our legal team is available to provide free counsel and no obligation to you and we never charge our clients anything unless we win their case. We are here for you from start to finish, unlike the insurance companies.

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Since 2012, Tauber Law Offices has represented car accident victims throughout the Schererville community. We understand what it takes to collect evidence that will support your case, calculate the exact amount of damages you need to make your best recovery, and stand up for your rights in negotiations and in court.

We will help you secure compensation for your:

  • Accident-related medical expenses
  • Lost wages from time off work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • And more

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